Artless #1

Artless #1

ARTless is an art magazine with a focus on collaboration and experimentation.

In every bimester the initiator Keke collaborates with a different creative. From this collaboration a unique interpretation of the magazine is created with every issue having a different theme or concept.

For the first issue maximalist Keke collaborated with minimalist Evi van de Kant . They both have photography as a starting point, but it takes a very different form. Where Keke wields a chaotic method, using photoshop to edit her photo’s to the extreme. Evi van der Kant goes about her work precisely, looking for stylized images of reality.

Out of curiosity for the method of the other they attempted a Style Switch. They applied their own methods to the work of the other. A work by Keke became a work by Evi and vice versa.
The magazine

Text: Keke van de ven